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MAADI Group Aluminum Design and Engineering
MakeABridge: The clear path to sustainable infrastructure.

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MakeABridge: The clear path to sustainable infrastructure.

MakeABridge: The clear path to sustainable infrastructure.


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MakeABridge: The clear path to sustainable infrastructure.

About Us

The MAADI Group (Most Advanced Aluminum Design & Innovation Group), of Montreal, Québec, Canada, is an independent design/build firm dedicated to aluminum structures that meet the needs of the sustainable development, construction and manufacturing industries with innovative design, quality and fabrication. MAADI Group works in America, Asia and Europe.

Since 2005, the MAADI Group has designed optimal functionality into hundreds of structural aluminum projects. Our vast experience and technical expertise enables us to design innovative extruded aluminum products and infrastructure that reduce weight, simplify transport and lower costs without sacrificing strength and durability. We offer the highest engineering and design standards on every project, meeting all local building and bridge codes, and our award-winning designs may be customized to meet your needs.


The MAADI Group, founded in 2005, is headed by Alexandre de la Chevrotière, P.E. Alex holds a Mechanical Engineering degree with emphasis on Naval Architecture, and began his career in 1991, working extensively with aluminum in the shipbuilding industry, retrofitting NATO destroyers.

The MAADI Group has many years of experience in mechanical and structural engineering, specializing in designing aluminum bridges and marine structures for the architectural and maritime industries, working with customers throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

The MAADI Group has partnered with Alcoa Canada to manufacture our award-winning bridge design for infrastructure, construction and sustainable development projects. The MAADI Group has won the Extrusion Technology Foundation’s 2008 Design Competition Award in the architectural category and the 2009 Regional Innovation Award for New Technology for this patented bridge design.


MAADI Group’s mission is to provide customized structural solutions in aluminum to planners, architects, builders, and developers. To accomplish this, our entire team is dedicated to working with you to create structures that are maintenance-free, durable, aesthetically pleasing, economical, and fully sustainable for generations to come.


MAADI Group’s values are reflected in our total commitment to the quality and success of every aluminum structure we create. From design to manufacturing, to installation, we bring technical innovation and practical consideration to every project, always mindful of the people who will utilize our structures each day.


The MAADI Group dedicates our most constant and diligent efforts to deliver design excellence and production quality for every product for our customer. We understand that product quality and dependability are paramount. We assert that all design specifications will meet local, regional and national building codes and professional standards as required. The MAADI Group works closely with our manufacturing partners to assure that product quality standards are fully and consistently maintained throughout the design, production and installation processes. All of our structural aluminum designs and calculations bear the seal of our in-house professional engineers.


The MAADI Group is forthright and honest in all of its business dealings with our customers, suppliers and manufacturing partners, conducting each aspect of every project professionally and in good faith, in order to deliver the best quality structural aluminum products to every customer.

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