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MAADI Group Aluminum Design and Engineering
MakeABridge: The clear path to sustainable infrastructure.

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MakeABridge: The clear path to sustainable infrastructure.

MakeABridge: The clear path to sustainable infrastructure.


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MakeABridge: The clear path to sustainable infrastructure.

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

MAADI Group Professional Engineers design and build innovative aluminum pedestrian bridges and structures.  Our team of engineers works with the most versatile of all metals – aluminum, designing sustainable infrastructure at its very best.  The aluminum extrusions and precision castings for our truss bridge and maritime structures are long-lasting, corrosion-free and fully reusable and recyclable, achieving superior strength with less weight.

MAADI Group is an ISO9001:2008 accredited and certified company that incorporates sustainable design principles:  energy conservation, minimized environmental impacts, use of recyclable materials, and engineering cost-effective structures with long life cycles.  Our engineers are highly skilled in aluminum manufacturing, assembly and welding practices, using tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding and metal inert gas (MIG) welding.  MAADI Group Professional Engineers use the latest technologies in finite element analysis, CAD and 3D modeling to optimize custom footbridge structures for new construction, renovations and retrofits.

Structures Built to Meet or Exceed these Welding Standards: 

-          CSA W59.2-M1991 (R2013) Welded Aluminum Construction; and

-          AWS D1.2/D1.2M:2014 Structural Welding Code/Aluminum.

Certified Company for Fusion Welding of Aluminum to this Standard:

-          CSA W47.2-11 (DIVISION 1), Certified Welding for Fusion Welding of Aluminum and Welding Procedure Specifications, according to the Canadian Welding Bureau.

MAADI Group meets Canadian, U.S. and International Codes and Standards:

-          ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System;

-          CAN/CSA-S6-14 (R2014) Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code;

-          CAN/CSA S157-05 (R2010) Strength Design in Aluminum;

-          AASHTO Specifications for Design of Pedestrian Bridges;

-          AA ADM-1 Aluminum Design Manual, 2015;

-          AS & D Aluminum Standards and Data.

MAADI Group Professional Engineers provide full technical support, combining our expertise with innovation to achieve precise, repeatable bridge components.  We utilize specialized design and assembly techniques that bring optimum tooling and manufacturing economies into every component, and our structures consistently maintain tight tolerances throughout the manufacturing process.  MAADI Group engineered structures are produced to the highest and most rigorous quality standards and represent significant advances in pedestrian walkway versatility and structural strength.  Quality, functionality and durability are the hallmarks of MAADI Group Engineering.  We take great pride in our commitment to provide consistent quality during each phase of design and production, and to work with trusted partners who share our commitment.

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